Thursday, 25 June 2009

Kota Yabu to star in musical "She Loves Me"

Hey!Say! JUMP's Kota Yabu (19) will usher in the new year by headlining a Japanese production of the Broadway musical "She Loves Me." This will be his first time in a solo starring role.

Originally performed on Broadway in 1963, "She Loves Me" tells the love story of Georg (Yabu), an employee at a perfume shop, and his co-worker Amalia (Sayaka Kanda). The two constantly argue at work, but they don't realize that they are each other's anonymous pen pal.

Yabu will also be receiving assistance from two of his Johnny's Jimusho senpais, both members of Shonentai. Kazukiyo Nishikiori will be producing the musical, while Katsuhide Uekusa has a supporting role.

"She Loves Me" will be performed at the Theatre Creation in Hibiya, Tokyo. 56 performances are scheduled between opening day on December 12 and the final show on January 31, which happens to be Yabu's 20th birthday.